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RLK Management was established by Jason Kleinert in 2008. The core values of the company are based on two influences:

1) The policy and management procedures of Caletti Construction Incorporated where Jason spent 10 years of his construction management career. While at Caletti, Jason codified his project management processes for the benefit of the company’s entire project management team. The capacity of these practices for managing the ups and downs of the construction cycle have been proven time and again and remain the core project management tools of Caletti/Jungsten Construction to this day.

2) The standards set forth by RLK’s namesake, Robert L. Kleinert, who successfully managed a City in Northern California (Tiburon) for more than 30 years. Robert met many challenges over the years, always worked with people in a manner of respect and understanding, and always achieved success for his employees and constituents.

Jason Kleinert
Owner / Principal


Jason Kleinert started in the custom home building business at the age of 22 after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Jason was an assistant Project Manager who initially spent a good portion of his work week as a “runner” from jobsite to jobsite expediting materials for site superintendents and jobsite foremen. This was a sure-fire way to learn the constant flow of required goods and materials necessary for construction projects to start-up, achieve milestones, and complete within set budgets and rigid schedules.

By 2001, and after several promotions, Jason was a Senior Project Manager typically running four concurrent projects and holding direct accountability for a staff of three Project Managers and their multiple projects. His principal projects ranged in size from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. The expertise he developed put him in line for handling the firm’s most challenging projects including those with tight access, severely sloped lots, existing structure demolition in complex settings and building new homes on undeveloped lands.

In addition to new home construction, Jason regularly oversaw other complex projects including expansive in-ground swimming pools, driveways, main power distribution, massive retaining walls, complete demolitions, advanced solar systems, steel frame construction, multi-family remodels, penthouse remodels in city sky scrapers, decks, structure-raising, basements, and more. Based on his experiences, Jason was asked by his firm to literally write their book on Project Management Procedures. This procedures manual is still the firm’s primary guide for managing projects.

In 2006, soon after the birth of their first child, Jason and wife Gwen relocated to Denver. Jason was immediately retained by Weitz Norris Custom Home Builders to manage the complicated construction of a new, multi-million dollar home in the ski resort town of Copper Mountain (link). As Project Manager AND Site Superintendent, Jason succeeded in completing the 12-month project on time and on budget despite the challenges of building through the winter months at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet.

In 2008, following additional work for Weitz Company including remodels of a downtown Denver high-rise and a Kaiser Permanente facility, Jason decided it was time to build his own company providing lower cost construction services. Jason manages the day to day operations of RLK.

Mike Neal - Operations Manager / Partner


Mike Neal was born and raised in Denver. After completing a degree in Construction Supervision he immediately began working on commercial building renovations including multi-family buildings and restaurant tenant finishes.  Additional projects also include historical building renovations in the heart of downtown Denver, challenging excavations for a new home in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, lateral work in busy downtown streets, and large asbestos abatement projects.  Among many duties on these projects, Mike has developed a high aptitude for navigating the permitting and inspection process in multiple jurisdictions.

Mike became a Partner of the RLK team after a 2 year vetting period in which he proved his capabilities of dealing with the ups and downs of Construction Management and displaying consistent perseverance to complete projects On-time and under Budget.  Since then, he has accumulated extensive residential remodel and new home construction experience along with commercial projects as well.      

  Mike wears many hats as a Partner, but is mainly in charge of the Operations and Project Management.

Quay Bartek - Site Supervisor / Partner

Quay comes from a long line of builders.  He has been building his entire life and has completed a wide range of projects with hands on experience in a myriad of sub categories.  Quay can do anything from framing a home or addition, to fine cabinetry production.  Quay is an invaluable member and Partner of the RLK Team.

The Team

Our team of skilled Carpenters and Laborers are top notch.  Our current roster includes highly skilled and long tenured craftsmen.

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